Four on London

is the work of four very individual photographers whose personal views of London represent something of the diversity of the city.




David Trainer
Paul Baldesare's City of London pictures are shot on the streets and public areas during the lunchtime period.

Peter Marshall examines the dramatic and eye-catching developments of the 'new London which are emerging to meet the new millennium.

Mike Seaborne's 'views' show the state of the city's infrastructure during the current building blitz. Dave Trainer's pictures look back and the pre-eminent London event of the 90's - Diana's funeral.
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The four photographers have shown together as 4 On London for a previous show at the Barbican Library. Before this, all worked as a part of London Documentary Photographers and took part in a number of shows by this group at several venues.

The pictures in this show represents only a small part of these photographers' work.