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Sunday 12 June: Alcatraz

Leonid, Ami and Jutka in Alcatraz


and tartan? toilet

Eikoh Hosoe with his camera-phone

Eikoh photographs me photographing him.

Jutka gives Eikoh his orders; my camera strap gets in the picture

Digital means you can share pictures immediately







Someone takes my picture on my camera too.

back to work


Alcatraz turned out not to be a prison, but a pizza bar with strange decor. The toilets were certainly worth a visit.

Something about the occasion, or more likely the incredible background, drew out a rash of photographing each other. Soon at least six of the seven present - me, Eberhard Grames and his partner, Eikoh Hosoe, Leonid Diament, Ami Vitale and Jutka Kovacs - were all photographing each other.

We are all having fun but there are one or two things worrying me. Its getting late and I have to speak next, and the man from the kitchen keeps bringing pizzas.

We end up with at least three times as much as we need, and get them boxed up to take back in case anyone else is hungry. So that's one problem down. They are great pizzas (as good as Linda's) and ridiculously cheap, so the bill - including the beer is only around a fiver each.

I rush back to the hall, but it is still very late when enough people have gathered for me to start my talk. You can read the best bits of it on the first couple of pages here. As well as talking about too much of my own work, I was also talking on Ray Moore and Tony Ray Jones, and on some of my London Friends - Derek Ridgers, Jim Barron, Paul Baldesare, Mike Seaborne and Dave Trainer. You can download the text I wrote for this, although I actually had to shorten it considerably on the day to allow for the translation into Polish by Inez.

By the time I finished we were running two hours late. Bevis Fusha then gave us an idea of his work, with a musical soundtrack. There were some great pictures of a wedding that I don't think are on his web site, but the work he seemed most interested in were recent digital pictures from New York, tightly framed heads of people in Times Square, all of whom he felt were still suffering the stress of 9/11.




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