Line 1

Croydon Tramlink

In June 2001 I photographed on and around the various tramway lines that make up Tramlink. It wasn't the first time I had come across the system, and I had climbed over the trenches and other obstructions that had impeded everyone in the centre of Croydon during its construction.

Any new system such as this alters the physical and mental map of the area in and around it. opening up new possibilities and connections.

In my photographic surveys of London, I'd previously photographed in most or all of the areas served by Tramlink. I decided to return and photograph again along the routes that had been opened up.

Most of my previous work had been in black and white, but for this project I decided to use colour. Much of the key work is in panoramic format and some of this will be added later. The images on the pages that follow represent a journey from west to east on 'Line 1' which starts from Wimbledon and ends in Elmers End and New Beckenham, although not all areas are shown.


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